Monday, April 02, 2007

INFO: From YouTube to GodTube

by Laura MacCorkle
Senior Editor,

It was a non-Christian friend who clued me in to last week.  Go figure. 

And then this week, I figured out that not only had I met the site's creator late last year, but that he works at the same direct marketing firm as one of my family members.  Providential?  I don't know. 

But I do know that the videos on this site are all over the map.  Some are interesting (like hearing about creation vs. evolution in  "Chatting With Charley").  Some are kooky ( "The Atheist's Nightmare" and a banana ... huh????).  And some are plain hilarious, like the video for  "Baby Got Bible". I've already sent the URL for this one to several people today - my boss included. hasn't even officially launched yet, but it's already getting between 50,000 and 60,000 unique users a day. 

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