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Where to Look for Leadership in Your Church

Where To Look For Leadership In Your Church  
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source: Joyce Pillay


  One of the biggest problems in many of our churches is a lack of leadership. Where do you find people who have leadership abilities?



"You don't have to bring in a hireling to find leadership in your church...the person you are looking for might be sitting right there in those pews. "



People who have displayed faithfulness in small things. He might be the usher who is constantly faithful to the duties of ushering. Don't leave that person doing the same thing for 30 years because they do it so well. Move them into areas of leadership.



Look for people who worship well and who love their pastor. You might think they have no leadership ability, and they may not. But their love for God and their Pastor will give them the zeal they will need to learn how to lead from you.



Look for people who serve in some leadership capacity in the community or on their job. Yes this may be secular leadership, but it is leadership nonetheless. Use this type of leadership sparingly at first. Teach them to buffer their secular wisdom with the grace and wisdom of God.

Look at the youth.
Young people are easily trained and are pliable. Given a Pastor's guidance and trust a young person will rise to the occasion. Considering the future of your church? Work with the young people. Bring them into leadership, their heart will be close to their pastor. If you are willing to spend some time and patients here, you will have people you have trained and mentored from very early stages of their development.


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