Monday, July 16, 2007

Fall Planning Tips for Women's Ministry

source: LifeWay
Written by Debbie Stuart
Fall is the perfect time for a change of seasons in women's ministry. A fresh approach may be in order. Let's not just fill the church calendar with "stuff" and "fluff" but strategically plan for a meaningful year of ministry. 
Evaluate Your Ministry

If you have been doing the "same ol', same ol'" for years, then stop! It's time to evaluate the ministry. Ask yourself and your leadership team some important questions:

  1. Is this ministry having a significant spiritual impact?
  2. Are women growing in their relationship with the Lord?
  3. Are women sharing Christ with others?
  4. How can we improve and expand?
  5. Are there new ministries that need to be developed?
Perhaps your ministry is offering "things" that no one needs or answering questions that no one is asking. As you plan to minister to women this fall consider some new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a different approach.
Challenge women to move to the next level. Most women will gladly stretch to the higher place and a deeper walk with the Lord. Your women's ministry should be loaded with opportunities and avenues for them to accomplish just that.
Meet with the Lord and the Leadership Team
Start your evaluation and brainstorming with your leadership team, whether that's just you and your pastor or you and a host of other ladies in women's leadership. Take some time to meet with the Lord and with your leadership:
  • Pull away. Take the team away for some extended time with the Lord (a retreat, overnight meeting or in your home for a morning or afternoon – no interruptions, since the Lord will need your undivided attention).
  • Pray! Ask the Lord what He would like to accomplish through your church's women's ministry this year. What do you think He wants to do with the women in your church? Ask Him to make His plans and desires known.
  • Revive your passion. Renew your commitment to the Lord and to the ministry. No longer settle for status quo. Don't think about doing good things; think about doing God-things!
  • Prioritize. Organize revelations, instructions, thoughts, and ideas to prepare for meaningful ministry. What's most important? What can be implemented immediately?
  • Plan. Brainstorm! Think about events and women's ministry offerings that will move you in the direction the Lord wants to go. Is there a new ministry that needs to be launched, such as a widows' ministry, women's mentoring, community outreach, or missions opportunities?
Once you've met with your leadership and have begun seeking the Lord's direction for the new ministry year this fall, you'll be ready to move forward prayerfully in planning specifics for the fall.
Debbie Stuart is director of women's ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas.

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